Tax Agreements and Disclosures

If you find yourself under scrutiny it may be the case that you can come to some agreement with the tax authorities – but you need to take advice

Tax avoidance: pay less legally

Tax avoidance means reducing your tax burden by legitimate means. Make sure you don’t confuse it with tax evasion, which is illegal

Tax investigation: don’t go it alone

A tax investigation can be extremely stressful and can impact on your business and personal life. InTax is here to help provide the solution to your tax problem

Jacqui Fleming, Partner

The best tax advice: consult an specialist

The world of tax is a complicated place, with new legislation making things ever more difficult to keep a handle on. Better be safe than sorry: consult an inTax expert for all your tax issues

Tax evasion: know the facts

If you are suspected of tax evasion, or have been charged with the offence, it’s vital that you take expert advice immediately

For a professional, fuss-free solution to any tax problem, large or small, contact InTax now

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