A multi-disciplinary and complementary professional services group

Posted on 22 Jan 2024, by InTAX Ltd

A multi-disciplinary and complementary professional services group

Here at inTAX, we are a smallish cog in a much larger machine that provides various advisory services to businesses.

inTAX is part of K3 Capital Group Limited, a listed professional services group that provides a range of advisory services to SMEs across the UK and overseas. The group was created to provide complementary services to businesses and individuals and includes business advisory, corporate finance, R&D tax credits, restructuring, forensic accounting, cross-border and debt and tax advisory services.

We would like to highlight some of types of work that members of the wider group undertake and include links to some of the relevant websites, in case these are helpful to you.

  • Selling a business? Depending on the type or size of business, you can speak to our colleagues in the Deals team at Quantuma, or our colleagues at Knight Corporate Finance, or the excellent boys and girls at KBS Corporate or
    KBS Corporate Finance.
  • Got a valuations dispute or something that requires forensic investigation? The experts in the Quantuma Disputes, Investigations and Valuations team can help.
  • Need marketing help? JE Consulting provides excellent digital and creative services, predominantly to accountancy, legal and healthcare SMEs.
  • Facing a potential insolvency event or need to restructure? Quantuma can safely lead you through whatever path you may need to take. It’s a huge team with many industry/sector experts.
  • R&D? Knight R&D and Randd both provide R&D consulting services and have been doing so for years for hundreds of companies.
  • Need tax advice for a business event, like a sale, a purchase, or a restructure? K3 Tax Advisory love helping clients navigate the tax landscape of complex situations.
  • And of course, there is us, the inTAX team. We help people and businesses who have a dispute with HMRC or a disclosure to make.

If any of the above services sound like they may be useful to you now or in the future, we are always very happy to make an introduction to the right person or team, so please do get in touch.

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