HMRC: sobering statistics

Even a casual glance at the facts and figures below tells you that, like it or not, HMRC is closing down the loopholes and gearing up for an even greater blitz on non-payment of taxes

With extra resources and changes to legislation giving the taxman greater powers to root out irregularities, it’s all too easy to find yourself at the wrong end of a tax enquiry. If you have received a notice from HMRC or have a tax issue you think could turn into a tax problem, don’t delay – speak to an inTAX expert now

The Tax Gap 2010-11 £32 Billion – (Source
Tax avoided evaded and avoided £9 Billion per annum – (Source
Criminal prosecutions in 2010/11 165
Criminal prosecutions in 2012/13 565
Targeted criminal prosecutions in 2014/15 1165
General Tax Rates 20%, 32.5%, 40%, 45%
Liechtenstein Disclosure (LDF) registered cases 4961 as at June 2013 –
LDF tax yield in settled cases £576 Million as at June 2013 –
  • The tax gap for 2011-12 was 7% – approximately £35 Billion approximately £35 Billion
  • HMRC collected £16.7 billion of additional compliance revenues in 2011-12, up £2.8 billion from the previous year.
  • Since 2010 more than 50 tax avoidance cases have been settled in the Taxman’s favour, with billions of £s at stake.
  • HMRC has initiated more than 30 major changes in tax law since 2010, closing down numerous avoidance loopholes in the process.
  • Tax Evasion Since 2010 the Tax Authorities have obtained more than 1,560 prosecutions of individuals for tax offences, with a 91% success rate in the Courts.
  • “Time to Pay Arrangements” are currently being offered to around 600,000 UK individuals and businesses who are in serious arrears with tax payments.
  • HMRC has reduced the tax debt by 32% since March 2010.
  • HMRC has collected £90m in 2011/12 as a result of its task forces. It expects to collect a further £90m over the next three years.
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