Tax Tribunal Hearings

Tax tribunal hearings and proceedings can cover a wide variety of issues, including determining the right amount of tax or penalties to be paid or resolving technical disputes and differences of interpretation.

Sometimes, the tax tribunal can be avoided altogether by successful negotiation with HMRC or by use of Alternative Dispute Resolution procedures.

So, if you have a tax tribunal pending or are simply looking for advice on how to proceed with your tax problem speak to an inTAX advisor now.

At inTAX we always aim to get you the best possible result in the most cost-effective way. It is important that any tax tribunal hearing is given appropriate consideration as there are rules and regulations that need to be adhered to, and specialist advisers can help to make sure that this happens.

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Tax Tribunal Hearings - How can we help?

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Tax Tribunal Hearings

In addition, HMRC or SOCA can ask the tribunal to authorise requests for information and documents.

Sometimes the matter is more serious and is escalated to the Upper Tier of the Tax Tribunal; or it might be that you or your client elects to have the Upper Tier Tax Tribunal hear the case for other reasons.

In these circumstances we will recommend and/or support lawyers to ensure you get the best representation and ultimately the best result.

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