Jacqui Fleming

Partner at inTAX

Jacqui Fleming was employed by the Inland Revenue (now HMRC) for 17 years. Her final position before leaving in 2001 was inspector of taxes on the prosecution group, specifically dealing with ‘heavyweight’ criminal tax investigations.

Jacqui qualified as a Chartered Tax Advisor in 2004 while working for a specialist tax firm.

As well as her HMRC experience, she has worked for Chiltern plc, a prominent tax boutique, and two large accountancy firms, BDO and RSM Tenon, specialising in tax fraud, the Liechtenstein Disclosure Facility, and latterly the CDF (Contractual Disclosure Facility), which was formerly known as Code of Practice 9.

Jacqui also has a Professional Certificate in Accounting qualification.

As well as dealing with more serious tax investigations, Jacqui equally enjoys assisting clients who have smaller, less-serious tax enquiries.

Highly skilled at isolating HMRC’s concerns, and persuading it to disregard irrelevant, time-consuming issues, Jacqui is adept at focusing attention on the important topics, enabling a quicker resolution to cases for the client’s benefit.

Jacqui is frequently praised by her clients for her sympathetic approach to their problems, and for her friendly and non-judgmental nature.

Jacqui’s personal interests include golf, watching Formula One motor racing, socialising with family and friends and, in the few minutes she has spare, studying.

Jacqui’s favourite saying is:

If at first the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it. (Albert Einstein)


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