Tax enquiry: what’s in a name?

Tax enquiries are synonymous with tax investigations and compliance checks – they are all the same thing with different names as HMRC renews and refreshes its image

Although a ‘compliance check’ doesn’t sound nearly as scary as a ‘tax investigation’, in essence there is little difference between the two.

Whatever the label, at inTAX, we tailor our services to the client’s needs, take control of the situation, and provide timely clear advice. This usually means being the primary contact for HMRC.

So if you are the subject of a tax enquiry, or suspect you soon may be, speak now in confidence to one of our expert advisors

What is a tax enquiry?

Tax enquiries take on many forms: they can be local office queries where the aim is to check an individual’s tax return is correct; they can be conducted under any number of the Codes of Practice that HMRC adopts such as Code of Practice 8 (Civil investigations where CoP9 isn’t used) and Code of Practice 9 (tax evasion); they can even be conducted with a view to a criminal tax investigation.

Tax enquiries are conducted into individuals, partnerships, companies, trusts, and the taxes involved are not limited to income tax, capital gains tax, inheritance tax, VAT, PAYE, and NIC.

HMRC has entitlement to documentation to check the tax position of clients relating to the past, present and future. However this does not mean HMRC has an automatic entitlement to see anything and everything.

At inTAX we help to guide clients through the complexities of what should and shouldn’t be provided and what HMRC is looking for, so its concerns can be addressed and resolved.

inTAX experts minimise the disruption to a client’s business and personal life that a tax investigation inevitably causes.

We have acted for all types of entity and dealt with most types of tax. We are highly experienced and qualified to deal with tax investigations, tax enquiries, compliance checks and voluntary disclosures whether conducted by HMRC or the National Crime Agency (formerly the Serious Organised Crime Agency).

For a professional, fuss-free solution to any tax problem, large or small…

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