National Crime Agency (NCA)

It’s not impossible to find that you are under tax investigation – but not by the taxman. In certain circumstances, the National Crime Agency (NCA) can adopt HMRC’s powers.

Formerly known as the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA), your situation is clearly more serious if the NCA is involved.

At inTAX we have experience of dealing with cases run by the NCA, from its initial involvement in replacing HMRC right up to tribunal hearings or Alternative Dispute Resolution.

So, if you find yourself under investigation by the NCA, or think there may be an investigation pending, for a free initial consultation speak to an inTax advisor now.


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What you need to know

Why the National Crime Agency?

The NCA will investigate most types of tax, including (but not limited to) income tax, capital gains tax, VAT and inheritance tax, and will target individuals, companies, partnerships and trusts.

Tax investigations of this nature are often a last resort when the NCA think that someone has received untaxed funds from a criminal source, but prosecution is either not possible, or has failed.

NCA investigations can be particularly stressful simply because of the connotations of the Agency’s previous name, the Serious Organised Crime Agency, which most people still know it as.

At inTAX, we know how to handle these investigation; we know the rules the NCA has to abide by; and we can guide you through the process, alleviating some of the anxiety and pressure that might otherwise be brought to bear.

We will make sure that you are treated fairly and appropriately.

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